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Representative Personal Injury Cases

I represent people who suffered bodily injuries at work and in incidents caused by another’s negligence. I also represent people who seek benefits available under the Social Security Act and under various forms of insurance coverage. These actions are called various things, such as Personal Injury claims; Workers’ compensation; and Disability applications.

Representative cases handled in the past 5 years:

  1. A young mother and teacher suffered a traumatic brain injury when struck in the back of the head by a full tray of food being carried by a server at a popular restaurant.
  2. An empty nester hit-and-run over by a car being driven backward through a crosswalk; suffering severe leg injuries.
  3. A woman in her golden years tripped over a rise in an uneven sidewalk as she was entering a subdivision’s clubhouse for a party, suffering a broken bone in her low back and undergoing vertebroplasty.
  4. A 10-year-old girl bitten on the face by a neighbor’s dog, leaving scarring.
  5. A retired long-time federal employee who stopped by a local grocery store for some food for dinner slipped and fell on grapes that had fallen to the floor in the produce section, suffered serious wrist and back injuries.
  6.  A woman on a business trip contracted food poisoning from a salad she consumed from a buffet offered by the motel.
  7. A 44-year-old disabled ironworker was in the middle of a chain reaction rear-end wreck on the I-75 exit ramp to Burlington Pike. He suffered a blow to his head and neck strain when his head hit the back window and`a knee injury when it struck the interior of his truck. His medical expenses exceeded $18,000.
  8. A 38-year-old construction worker suffered a low back disk injury when laying sewer pipe on a job site. This resulted in a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation claim.
  9. A hospital administrator, 62, made a Social Security Disability claim due to a serious heart condition.
  10. Retired husband and wife both injured when the RV they were towing and their truck were rear-ended by a tractor-trailer that failed to slow down as interstate traffic slowed.